Sunday, October 12, 2008


Do you know what adoration means? It means 1) the act of worship 2)profound love or regard.
What comes to your mind when you think of adoration? how would you describe this word to someone?

For me, I see my grandmother looking at my children. I have never seen such a look! She seems to be memorizing my son's face. He doesn't see her that often, so I am amazed that she knows him. She used to ask for him but not anymore.

Sharing laughter with my daughter is another image I see. She has always loved my children a great deal. i used to take them to see her in the summer and they always had a lot of fun. B still talks about spending time with her as a young child. for her, that was a very special time and every now and then she and my grandmother will cut up with each other over those times when Granny has the clarity to remember.

i am very grateful that they had this time with her and will always remember their great-grandmother. that is a blessing not many kids their age have.

Anyway, this is what I see when someone uses adoration or adore, or any word close to it.


  1. Brian said...
    These are very touching photos. Loved the explanation for adoration too.

    Sarah said...
    You're right, not many have that many memories of their great-grandparents. I know that I don't. Cherish every minute of it. :)

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