Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Quest for Soap

I have not written about my grandmother in quite awhile. She is doing great!! She has had at least 2 days this week of awareness of her surroundings. This is always such a joy for me. I can talk with her and she can follow the conversation and we can tease and play with each other.

We have been on a quest for the perfect soap for a loooong time. I have done research on the web, talk with doctors, pharmacists, you name it. Reduce Footprints and I Have Dreams have several very informative posts on soap. I encourage you to read them and learn just what you put on your body.

My grandmother has very sensitive skin. She has always been sensitive to perfumes, alcohol, harsh chemicals and the like. It is almost impossible to find any soap or lotion without perfume or alcohol in it. So we have been buying all sorts of "natural" soaps and lotions in an effort to make her more comfortable. None of these have had the desired effect. Recently my local public television station aired an article about soap making in my state of Mississippi. Dirty Hippie Soaps in Morton, MS, is an all natural, hand crafted and vegan certified soap making company. I contacted Gwen and she was so helpful and informative. She was gracious enough to send me not 1 but 2 free samples of her products. They make a liquid soap that is all natural with no perfumes or alcohol. She also sent me a bottle of body oil that she is in the process of putting into their line. This stuff is unbelievable! It is the lightest most absorbent oil I have ever used. It absorbs quickly into my grandmother's skin without leaving that heavy layer of oil on her body.

The difference in my grandmother's skin is just great! She is no longer scratching her skin all the time and her skin looks so much better.

I recommend Dirty Hippie Soaps to all of you that are looking for all natural soaps and oils. They even make products for your pets! How cool is that? As far as pricing goes, they are quite affordable. I encourage you all to visit their site and look around. I am sure that you will be as pleased with their products as I am.


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