Friday, April 24, 2009

In our continuing quest to eat healthier, we have started reading labels, cutting back on sugars, and processed foods, and in some cases, growing some of our own food.

When you go to the produce section of your local supermarket, you are thinking how fresh and tempting all that produce is. But if you stop and think about how the produce made it to your supermarket and what exactly happens in the growing of our food, you might not want to buy that lovely ripe red tomato.

The average mileage for food to get travel to get to your grocer's is 1500 miles. We buy apples shipped from China. I have looked for a list of all produce shipped to us from overseas, but that information is hard to find.

I don't know if any of you remember the "Flavor Savr" Tomato. This was the first genetically engineered food to reach consumers. Calgene, the company that produced the tomato, did 3 volunteer studies on rats with the tomato. Some of these rats developed lesions in their stomachs. The tomatoes were put on the shelves for our consumption anyway. Since the tomato did not hold up in shipping, it was later removed from store shelves.

We have Grace Booth to thank for making us aware of the fact that we are eating genetically modified food.

Unfortunately, none of the government agencies that are supposed to be protecting us from these type of things are doing their jobs. More on that later.

What I am noticing is how deep the company Monsanto is in all of this. As many of you know, Monsanto is the maker of Round Up. In my subsequent posts, I will be exploring the depths of Monsanto's involvement in our food supply.

Next we will talk about the Gene Revolution and how that has affected the food we eat. Until then, start a patio or container garden, visit your local Farmer's Market, you will glean a much greater appreciation for the produce you eat.


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