Saturday, May 2, 2009

World Press Freedom Day

Tomorrow, May 3, is World Press Freedom Day. Living in America, I think we take this freedom for granted. We just assume that we can write whatever we want without fear of being arrested and jailed for our words.

Unfortunately, this is not the case elsewhere in the world. Journalists are jailed across the world for reporting the truth. I know that we all get tired of the mainstream media and its hype. But there are reporters in this world risking their lives to report numerous acts of atrocities committed everyday by their governments or other people in power just because they can.

"The United Nations General Assembly declared 3 May to be World Press Freedom Day[1][2] to raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press and remind governments of their duty to respect and uphold the right to freedom of expression enshrined under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and marking the anniversary of the Declaration of Windhoek, a statement of free press principles put together by African newspaper journalists in 1991."

I encourage you tomorrow as you write whatever you please, to think of those journalists that have given their lives for the truth. Be thankful that you live in a country that still allows us to voice the truth without fear of dying.


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