Monday, August 17, 2009

Leave my Stuff Alone!!!

I certainly hope this morning is not a pretext to my week. I was so busy last week that I did not get a chance to start all this painting I have to do. I had planned to start it today. I get all my paint ready, clear the room and decide to move all my painting equipment inside before I prep the walls. Well, I can find everything except my friggin' paintbrushes. Where are they, you ask? My hubs has decided to use them in his little home repair venture and now not only are they no where to be found, but I am almost positive they won't be of any use to me when they are located.

This is a serious pet peeve of mine. Don't touch my stuff. We both know you (a) won't put it back where you found it and (b) if you do somehow remember that it isn't yours to just throw anywhere, it won't be fit to use again because (c) you didn't clean it properly.

I know that some of you will comment and tell me I should just talk to him and ask him to not use my things if he cannot be considerate. After 18 years of marriage, this horse is dead. He doesn't take care of his own things, so I already know that he won't take care of mine. That is why I have said on numerous occasions, "Leave my stuff alone." Usually he listens now since I have really lost my temper over things like this. But something possessed him to take my brushes and now I have to go buy new ones. I am really angry over this and since I don't want to say something I will regret later, I am passing this on to ya'll. I hate to dump on all of you but at least I am avoiding an argument and I am getting this out before I talk to him. I hope. Besides, I know ya'll will understand and I can move on to bigger and more important things like what sounds good with the Cornish hens I am cooking tonight.


  1. John said...
    LOL... Inge', I seriously have no idea how you managed to find all those fitting and great pictures to complement your posts :)

    Really love this one ;)
    Anonymous said...

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