Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall is in the air here in Elvisland. Cooler nights and tolerable days. I love it!! This summer was not the usual humid,rainless summer that is the norm for us. I am curious as to how that will affect our winter.

I have managed to get more accomplished this summer than I thought I would. Before I list my many accomplishments, I must tell you I am a shameless dumpster diver. I know it sounds tacky and somewhat desperate, but I just can't help myself. I see perfectly good stuff at the curb, and I am compelled to bring it home. This summer has been an especially profitable one for me. So far, I have collected:
1 rather large clay flower pot that I used to plant some annuals in
2 matching urn pots for more annuals
2 mountain bikes that need a total of about 30 bucks worth of work done to them.
1 whiskey barrel for my yard.
1 glass top patio table to set in my yard.
4 matching patio chairs from a different location.
2 mix matched patio chairs.
1 box of dress racks.

All in all not a bad haul if I do say so myself! Hubs tilled me a new flower bed in the backyard and I was able to use my compost to enrich the soil and move some of my plants from my very crowded front yard to the back. So that was free. With the addition of the smaller patio table and chairs, I have a nice sitting area in the back yard away from the deck.

I have also cleaned out the attic and am now almost done with the storage unit I have. Most of the stuff has been donated. That is good for me as a tax write off, and good for the Vietnam Vets which is my charity of choice for these type of items. I have also put some stuff on Freecycle that the Vets can't take.

I also planted a very small garden this year. So I have put up tomatoes and used peppers in my salsa. I managed to frequent the Farmer's Market some this year and was able to get some blackberries and other assorted fruits and veggies. I have a friend that was able to locate some inexpensive peas for me already shelled no less, and I put some of those up along with some green beans I acquired from my mom's garden. Since this was my first year to do this type of thing, I learned a lot. The main thing being I need a bigger kitchen.

I am already starting a list of things I want to do inside this winter, so maybe I will have it all together by next spring. Hubs is going to just love that.


  1. MilesPerHour said...
    I bet Hubs will too. I'm taking the winter off.
    a corgi said...
    lots of great projects you got done! I commend you for finding useful ways to use the things you find out on curbsides/sidewalks/etc! good for you!


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