Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mixed Bag

Mumps in the Big Apple. I did not realize that the vaccine for the mumps is only 85% effective.

Brand Wars. This is a trend that even I have noticed in my local grocers/Wal Mart. I have to admit there are quite a few items that I buy that are off brand mainly because of price.

The Issue of Privacy. While I don't believe the school system in question meant any malice, I do think things should have been explained to parents in no uncertain terms. As a parent, I would not be happy with this situation.


  1. Vodka Logic said...
    I am brand loyal but will certainly try others due to price or how well it works.

    Parents should certainly be told of privacy... are you refering to the laptop situation
    Tracy said...
    I'm confused when I read the privacy thing about the laptops. It sounds like the district activated webcams in their computers and lap tops periodically because these items were not to be removed from school property. So how would this invade someone's home privacy unless they took home school property that they are not allowed to take home?

    I typically purchase the least expensive items instead of brand names. However, there are some cleaning items where I've found that only specific brand name products work the way I like them to work and a few food items that I find the brand name so superior that I still go ahead and buy it.

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