Saturday, April 24, 2010

Round and Round

Several years ago I did an estate sale with a friend. We were supposed to be partners in this venture. Well, things did not go exactly as planned and we had some issues. While we were able to settle things between us and still remain friends, this sale and its issues still keep coming up. I have not had any problems but my friend has. While I might think I know why this situation is still coming up, I don't KNOW. God has a way of bringing up things until you settle them the right way.

God has been very gracious to me with my relationship with her. I consider her friendship my gift from God. I think that this is the reason we were able to settle things and move on beyond our obvious personality differences.

But, I don't think I could bring up this situation to her in a way that would allow her to see the "beam" in her own eye. I hate that this keeps coming into her life but I also know from personal experience that if you don't settle things in a way that is pleasing to God, you will face them over and over again.

I am praying that she will see whatever God is trying to show her so that she can move on. It is a tough thing to keep repeating the same lesson over and over again. I know from personal experience that this can take a long time. I pray that she doesn't take as long as I have.


  1. Expat From Hell said...
    St. Paul's "thorn in his side" was not removed. His recounting of this, though, seems to be a comfort for Believers through the centuries. I can't know what the Divine purpose is for you, dear friend, but know that I am inspired by your relationship with this person, and the challenges that come with it. Thank you. EFH
    Tracy said...
    Appreciate this post. As one who God has had to teach the same truth through MANY repeat lessons, I can only relate too well. I like the use of the merry go round to illustrate your point. Took a moment just now to pray for your friend and for you too.

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