Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miss Diagnosis

CNN recently put out an article stating that HALF of all Alzheimer's cases are misdiagnosed.

While the only way to correctly diagnose Alzheimer's is after death, this article does offer some new ways that can possibly help those of us that are concerned.

If your loved one is taking drugs for Alzheimer's in error, the good news is this will not adversely affect their care.

Since progress is being made all the time concerning this disease, there is hope that one day this will be diagnosed much earlier for the benefit of all of us.


  1. Student Pharmacist said...
    Wow, that is really shocking stats...At least they are realizing this and can work towards improving diagnosis and care.
    Guys, Girls and Love said...
    I am shocked upon reading this article. I hope they've done more research about this disease.

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