Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Big Fig Newton

I truly cannot believe that Newt Gingrich is still trying to run for President. You hardly even see him on television and he really has not contributed that much in all these endless debates.

He has more problems that me and that is no small feat. His past record speaks volumes about his real agenda. A rerun of past Bush era policies. Thanks but no thanks.

While it is true, he was a Republican favorite at one time, that time has long past. He needs to wake up and smell the river. I am not sure if his dropping out will benefit either of the two front runners, but the Republicans need to realize that it is time to start thinning the herd.


  1. Bruce Coltin said...
    She is what she is. She will not get better.
    ayesha @ ayurvedic treatment said...
    hmmm, well, good luck to Newt! :D
    minerva @ park city ski homes said...
    I must say good luck to Newt, too, but then, I must agree with the blogger here, the Republicans must start thinning the herd. :)

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