Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Revolution Number 999

I must confess I thought a lot of these Republican candidates would have waved the white flag by now. The "Hermanator" included. But, apparently it is still to early for the white flag of surrender.

Herman Cain is another candidate that is well liked by the Republican Party. I cannot understand why some people think that just because you can run a successful business you can run a country. A business has a Board of Directors and possibly stockholders.
If you don't own a lot of stock, they don't really care what you think.

Yes there may be backroom deals and covert favors, but no where near the degree that is in our fair Capitol. I don't think Mr. Cain is ready for all the wheeling and dealing that goes on in Washington.

As far as his 999 Plan goes, Congress will NEVER and I do mean NEVER allow the IRS to be abolished. To do that would mean letting go of all that money that they just freely spend with no thought as to the consequences of this action.

By implementing this 999 plan, a lot of public works will suffer. Roads, schools, libraries, etc. will all have less money to continue to do provide the same services.

All in all, I don't think this plan could work given the state of our economy. America isn't a pizza joint.


  1. Genesis Tax said...
    No one seems to be pointing out the obvious here. Most people use several deductions in the current tax code. This will cause pretty much everyone's taxes to go up, especially states without an income tax. It also will introduce a new source of revenue that will never get repealed. Not a good plan...
    ayesha @ ayurvedic treatment said...
    I just wish that these government officials will wake up from their senses already.
    Natural deodorant said...

    Its the dream of my side which i think never fill.

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