Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gimme Mitt

Mitt Romney's political views are akin to most women getting dressed. We decide on one thing, and then we change 3-4 times before finally deciding on what we want to wear.

First he is pro choice now he is pro life. He runs for Governor in 2002 under the "everyone deserves to be happy" umbrella in support of gay marriage. Now he is against it.

While his religious preference is trying to become an issue among other runners, namely Rick Perry, I don't think Americans as a whole truly understand what the Mormons actually believe. I am not going to delve into all of that here, but, I do encourage you to do your own research on this subject.

While Obamacare is similar to the healthcare in MA, he has said he will dismantle this law and leave it up to the states.

During his last bid for President, Romney advocated for states to play a larger role in the gathering of intelligence supposedly to be used to stop terrorist attacks. This measure includes the opening of a "fusion center" in MA to help states in this endeavor.

His foreign policy is very typical of the Republican Party. Wipe out the jihadists while embracing the moderate Muslims. Continue with China and try to sweet talk them into importing more American products. Refuse to lift embargo against Cuba as long as anyone named Castro is in charge. North Korea, Iran, Israel he is pretty much the same as all Republicans in the past. Of course, this is all subject to change if a new poll comes out regarding any of these issues.

How can Romney expect us to make up our minds about him, when he can't even make up his own mind?


  1. Emilia said...
    You are absolutely right! I lose trust in a person who often changes his mind about the things he believes in.
    Ayesha said...
    I like how his political views are being compared to women getting dressed. :D Quite funny! :D
    Ira @ chicago home renovation said...
    Well, it's quite funny but not a good joke when all we need is someone who can decide for the welfare of its people.
    tina @ wedding favors said...
    inconsistency really drive me away from the person who keep on changing their beliefs.

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