Tuesday, September 30, 2008

finally watched the debate

well i finally watched the presidential debates tonight. had to after reading what newbusters said about the "me too" bracelet.

i agree with Obama about not padding CEOs' payroll. they apparently have been making more than their businesses. why else would they be the only ones coming out on top?

since i am neither republican or democrat i feel i can safely blame the republicans on this one.

i can agree with McCain we have lost the accountability perspective. it seems as though only the American public is held accountable. We are held accountable for their mistakes and greed and shredding of the the American dream. it has become the American nightmare.

it took forever for Lehrer to get them to pinpoint how they would give up in terms of spending. i really liked what Obama said about cutting this 15 billion lobbyists have gotten in terms of Medicare and what he said about us sending money to Iraq.

on the other hand, as a veteran, i liked what McCain said about taking care of the veterans.

Obama got him on the voting with Bush over the last 8 years.

unfortunately, no matter who wins the presidency, they have a huge mess to sort through. i am not sure it can be done.

on the "me too" bracelet let me say while i think it is deplorable for Obama to use this as a campaign strategy, this soldier's mother should have considered that BEFORE she gave him the bracelet. she supports Obama and for her to not have considered this beforehand, shows a lack of insight on her part. you don't give a public figure a bracelet with your dead son's name on it and realistically expect it to stay "just between us".

Obama did stumble over the soldier's name. you should at least memorize the name of the man whose name is on the bracelet you are wearing. i would like to say it was nerves but Obama is way too comfortable in front of the camera for that to be the case.

all in all, i have to say the debate was a draw. maybe Thursday between the vice presidential hopefuls will be more decisive.

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  1. Brian said...
    I still haven't seen the debates. The VP hopefuls kinda scare me.

    This election year has wore me out, but it's such a historical election. I just hope for the best. Times are rough present day.


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