Sunday, September 28, 2008


i work in a casino and man was it busy tonight!! the Allman Brothers Band played tonight to standing room only. who knew those old guys could bring in so many people? i used to listen to them when i was younger, but they apparently still have a very strong following.

anyway, i work 4 10 hour days and being bent over a craps table for 10 hours can be tiring. my income is based on tips, and we did have a good night so it was worth it. if you ever visit a casino, tip your dealers!! that is how they get paid. i see so many people every night buy in for a hundred dollars and win two or three hundred and don't tip anything. you always tip the waitress, valet,etc. so don't neglect the dealer.

didn't see Greg Allman or any others though. then again maybe he was that old guy with the long hair.


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