Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Journey in Exodus

I started a Bible study on the items in the Tabernacle earlier this year. I put it down for a variety of reasons none of which are worthwhile. I have recently picked it back up.

I am not very knowledgeable about the Old Testament so I am learning a lot. I hope to share some of what I have learned with all of you real soon. I have learned some "trivia" if you will that I did not know so I can share some of that with you now.

Did you know:

  • That God gave very specific instructions for the building of the Tabernacle to Moses? The story of creation is told in broad strokes. God does not go into specific detail how He created everything. But God is very specific on this. We are told 7 times in Scripture that Moses was to build the Tabernacle after the pattern given to him by God on Mt. Sinai.
  • There are 15 different articles mentioned in the Tabernacle. All were built with a specific meaning and to a specific pattern.
  • All future Tabernacles were built on this same pattern.
  • Women ministered in the Tabernacle.
  • The 12 tribes were arranged in a specific order outside the Tabernacle with the tribe of Judah being positioned at the entrance. See the significance of this? Christ was called "the Lion of the tribe of Judah". David was from the tribe of Judah.
I know I have a lot to learn but I will be posting on the different items in the Tabernacle and their significance to modern day Christians in future posts.

If you want to see what the items in the Tabernacle look like you can go here. Once you get to the site, click on gallery and you can see what they have been able to recreate. It is a really interesting site for those of us that don't know a lot about the articles in the Tabernacle or Jewish Law in regards to the Temple in general.


  1. John said...
    I studied about this topic (The Tabernacle) meticulously last time, and even had a book on this, besides reading Exodus over and over again: Portraits of Christ in the Tabernacle by Theodore H. Epp.

    But thanks for sharing the link to the website... now everything is in colour and makes learning so much fun and exciting!

    The important thing is to see Christ in all of the Tabernacle... it's really amazing!
    Inge' said...
    I agree John. Until I started this study I did not realize that about the Tabernacle.

    I am reading Gleanings in Exodus by Arthur Pink an excellent commentary on Exodus while doing this study.

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