Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I haven't written about my grandmother in quite awhile. She has been feeling so poorly for so long that I just felt too depressed about it to share.

The last 2-3 days have been different though. She has been leaving her room and roaming the halls again! This is huge. I don't think she has felt this good in at least 6 months.

While she still cannot stand up or feed herself properly, I am so grateful for the big improvement in her physically and emotionally. She has always been nosy and for her to be in her room all day and not feel like leaving was a real scare for my mom and I.

We are going to try and take her to my mom's for Thanksgiving. I am really looking forward to that. She will be with 5 generations of her family! Hopefully I will have some great pics to share with all of you.

I appreciate all the kind words and prayers that you have all shared with me. I pray that she is finally over this illness and will continue to get better.


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