Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

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Well as we all know, today is election day. I took my camera with me today so I could get pictures of history in the making.

The lines at my voting station were not that long even though the parking lot was full. I went about 9am and hubby went about 1pm. I took photos both times to share with all of you.

What surprised me the most is that Oxford is only about 1 hour from me and there were no Obama or McCain signs anywhere to be seen at the voting station!

My son voted for the first time this year. He registered this year so he could vote for Hillary and was really upset when she dropped out. This has been a really lively year as far as this election goes in my house. Personally, I am glad it is over so hubby and I can move on to more lighthearted discussions like religion.

Hope you all exercised your right!


  1. Small Footprints said...
    "Lighthearted discussions like religion". Ha! Too funny! Can't wait to hear about some of these talks.

    Take care!

    Small Footprints
    John said...
    Thanks for sharing your Election Day experience :) Are you one of those two ladies in the second picture?
    Inge' said...
    No I am not in the photo. These were 2 girls just holding signs for their candidate at the voting station. I wish I were that young!!!

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