Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Layoffs

They finally are done with the management layoffs at work. They let over 40 go. Hubby was one of them. As you know from a previous post, he did get a severance package. Now they are starting on employees in my position. They are saying they will be done in a week.

Since I deal all the games but 3, and have been employed there for 7 years, you would think I would be safe. But that is not necessarily true. When you look at how they decided on the mgmt. layoffs, it becomes clear that the guide they claimed to have used and who they kept are in conflict with each other. I have been looking for another job but there just are any out there.

If I make the cut, I will have to rebid for my shift and there are no guarantees that the shift I currently work will even exist. I am trying not to worry about this, but that is easier said than done.

They have already said that we will have to work hour twenty strings which means instead of getting a 20 minute break every hour, I will get one every hour and twenty. I know that this sounds like no big deal, but you try dealing craps on a Saturday night for an hour twenty straight and you will know how much this affects you. Your mind quits working properly after a while because you are constantly doing math in your head and you have to be fast or people get p.o.

Casinos also have what they call an "early out " list. You sign the list and when it slows down they start going down the list and sending people home early. This is a voluntary list. Now they are going to start what is called "forced E.O.s". Basically, when it slows down, if there are no people on the list, they start sending people home based on seniority. Since they are planning on laying off between 70-80 dealers, I am hoping this won't happen very often.

Tonight is the beginning of the layoffs, so we will see what happens. Here's hoping I make the cut!!


  1. Sarah said...
    I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. I hope you make the cut and everything works out well for you!
    Inge' said...
    Thanks and so do I! They haven't started in my dept. yet. Now they are saying next week. Apparently they haven't looked all of us over yet. So I should know by a week from Monday at the latest whether I made it or not.
    John said...
    Oh dear! Did your hubby manage to get another job?

    I am and will be praying for you and your family during these challenging times.

    Take care.

    Phil 4:19 (NLT) And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.
    Inge' said...
    Not yet. He is trying but with 1 million people out of work it isn't easy. Thanks for your prayers we definitely need them now more than ever.
    Small Footprints said...
    No matter what kind of severance package they give ... or what "fair" system they use for laying off ... it doesn't feel good. I was once "surplussed" and it hurt my pride and self confidence. But here's the thing ... it turned out to be the best thing (as changes often are). It freed me to follow my dreams ... and my life changed completely ... for the better.

    Hang on ... I know it will work out for you, too!

    Small Footprints
    MilesPerHour said...
    My prayers are with you as well Inge.

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