Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Tabernacle Gate

In my last post on the Tabernacle, I talked about the actual Tabernacle proper. Today I will talk about some of the details concerning the Tabernacle entrance and their meanings.

The Gate - The gate was about 30 feet wide. This was the only entrance into the Tabernacle. The gate was made of "finely twisted line"(see below) with purple, scarlet and blue. The location of the gate is also significant. When the Tabernacle was taken apart and reassembled, the gate was always placed to the east.

Finely Twisted Linen - We all know that linen comes from the flax plant. Twisted linen was made by twisting 2 or more threads together. By beating the flax plant with clubs and boiling the thread in water a finer version was produced. This was a time consuming process which made this type of linen very valuable.

Scarlet - This color represents the blood sacrifice. The animals in the O.T. and Christ in the N.T. Lev. 17:11

Blue - Blue represents the Law of God. The blue tassel on the garments of the Israelites was a reminder to them of the Law of God. In the book of Revelation the whore is clothed in every color except blue. She wants sacrifice, riches and priesthood but not law. Ex. 24:10, Ez. 1:26, Num. 15:38-41,

Purple -Purple is a combination of red and blue. Purple has become a symbol of royalty. The altar of sacrifice was covered in purple when not in use. When the Roman soldiers dressed Christ in a purple cloak they dressed Him as the altar of sacrifice. Even though they did this to mock Him, they unknowingly dressed Him for transportation. Num. 4:13

These colors were used in the gate to symbolize: Christ's sacrifice for us (scarlet), the Law of God (blue), priesthood and royalty (purple).

Christ fulfilled the demands of the law by becoming the sacrifice. He atoned for the broken law with his blood. When the place where the law (blue) and sacrifice (scarlet) combined it formed royalty (purple). As believers in Christ, we are all members of the priesthood.

Significance of East and West - To head towards the east is to head away from God. To head towards the west is to go towards God. The entrance to the Garden of Eden was on the east side. When Adam and Eve headed away from Eden, they apparently headed east. Cain settled in the east. Ishmael settled in the east in relation to Isaac. When Solomon turned from God he went to the east. Gen. 3:24, 4:16, 16:12, 1Kings 11:7 Is. 2:6


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