Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I know this post is late, but I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving! I did not have to work on Thanksgiving so I was able to be with my family. I have been working this weekend, hence the late post.

I went and got my grandmother form the nursing home and we all went to my mom's house for dinner. She was in rare form I must say. I don't think she has been that coherent in months! It was very uplifting and hilarious to see her in action.

She started out by swiping one of my cigs in the car before we ever left the nursing home. My grandmother hasn't smoked in 30 years at least. When we get to my mom's, she has to have one whenever I light up. I don't smoke that much but as she said, "I like to have me a little smoke every now and then." I guess 4 or 5 every 30 years is not going to hurt.

She was worried about going back to the nursing home. She kept asking me when was I going to take her home. We haven't had dinner yet! They told us at the home that this would happen when we took her out. I have to be honest I didn't believe them but she was true to form. I told my mom that we worried about her not wanting to leave and we couldn't get her to stay.

Everyone was very good about posing for all the pictures I wanted to take. Even my grandson who hates for me to take photos of him at times. I am posting the "big 5 g" picture so y'all can see how we all look.

Clockwise from the top:
My mom "the big M'
my grandson "little J"
my daughter "B"
my son "Big J"
and last my definitely not least my grandmother in the middle

I did not realize until after my hubs took the photo, that my glasses were still tinted from being outside. Oh well maybe next time y'all can see my beautiful hazel eyes :)


  1. John said...
    Now's that's what I call a photogenic family :) Everyone looks great!

    And I am truly impressed to see 5 generations in one picture, something I had yet lived to see, until you shared this photo! Thanks so much... In my family photos, the most is 3 generations, never more. Having 4 is almost impossible. With only my maternal grandmother still alive, and me as the eldest grandchild yet to have kids, I don't see how 5 would be possible.

    Thanks anyways for sharing this photo. It's really lovely, and I look forward to those beautiful hazel eyes :)
    Inge' said...
    My son gets funny looks from his friends when he tells them that he is going to visit his great grandmother. They always try to correct him.

    I didn't realize how many families only have 3 generations still living. 4 generations is very rare.

    I am truly blessed.

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