Friday, December 26, 2008

Home Again

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I am glad to be back home. It was nice visiting with family and friends but I missed my bed!

Tuesday, the 23rd my Bible study group had a small get together. Since our meetings are held out of each other's homes, we are a small group. There was lots of food and laughs so I really enjoyed it.

On the 24th we went to my mom's house. Since the weather was so bad I did not go and get my grandmother for fear of her getting ill. I really missed her not being there. We still had a good time and I got some "natural" shots of all of us.

We left my mom's and drove to my mother-in law's house just outside of Jackson TN. We spent the night there and celebrated Christmas with hubby's family. We had a really good time and it was nice to get together with his family.

The only downside to the whole celebration is that once again my grandmother's teeth are missing. This is driving my mom and I crazy! She cannot reach them so we know she didn't just get them and leave them somewhere. My grandmother doesn't think about them unless we are looking for them and then she starts stressing out about them. It will take months for them to replace them. Since there is no way to mark them, we don't know if another resident has them or not.

My mom wanted to take pictures of my grandmother and she was having none of it. She would look at my mom and want to see her teeth. Then she would say, "Well, I can just use yours". How funny is that! Hopefully, they will turn up so we won't have to go through all the drama with the dentist again.

My sister gave her a doll for Christmas. All of you know from my previous posts what is going to happen so I won't rehash all that. Let's just say that I will probably be adding this one to my collection in a few months:)

All in all it has been a good Christmas but I must confess I am ready to get back to my regular life such that it is:)


  1. Brian said...
    Sounds like you had an enjoyable Christmas. I'm sure those teeth will eventually pop up somewhere. I'm ready to get back to everyday life as well & it's time to get back in shape. :)

    The wife and I live over 1000 miles away from our closest relatives, so we just had a quiet Christmas together. We actually did KFC for Christmas. For some reason, we both thought it sounded good & picked it up the day before. :)It really wasn't that great & I'm not sure what we were thinking other than saving trouble cooking a big dinner.
    Inge' said...
    I can relate to the whole getting back in shape thing. 1000 miles is a long way! I remember living that far away and it can make the holidays a little solemn but it sounds like you had some quality time with your wife.

    KFC?! Y'all sound like my husband and me. I think if we had not made plans to be with family we would have done pizza:)
    John said...
    Hi Inge', great to hear that you had a great Christmas :) And that story about someone possibly stealing your grandmother's fake teeth had me rolling on the floor laughing! Hahaha... weird people.

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