Friday, February 13, 2009

I took my 6 year old grandson with me yesterday to visit with my grandmother. Usually he goes with my mother on the weekends to see her.

So we are there and she just can't get over him. It is like she has never seen him before. I think it was because he was with me and I usually go alone.

She starts asking me who he is. "Is that your little boy?" " "He sure is a pretty boy! Who does he belong to?" Stuff like that. So I take it upon myself to tell her how he is related to her. I tell her, "He is your great-great-grandson." To which she replies, "Really? I didn't know I had any." I had to laugh at the look of surprise on her face. I think if he had been with my mom, she would have known.

Last week my daughter went to see her. This was a very uplifting visit for both of them. As soon as she saw "B" she says, "There's my baby. That's my baby." This really made my daughter feel good. She always worries that my grandmother won't recognize her. She never calls her by name, but she does remember both of my kids.


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