Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Sixth Commandment

Well, I have a a few changes in my schedule, so I am able to continue in our in depth learning of the 10 commandments. The sixth commandment is about respect for human life. To do this, we must learn to control our tempers. This is a task that is easier to accomplish with some people in our lives than others. We are required as children of God, to go beyond just the words. We are to remember not to harm another person in word or deed. Malicious words can cut to the quick and can do years of harm. Our job as Believers is to encourage one another not tear each other down.

You shall not murder. (Ex. 20:13) Some versions of the Bible use "Thou shalt not kill" as this commandment. The Hebrew verb root word for kill ("resh-tzaddi-het") in this context means that you are using deadly force in a way that is forbidden by Jewish law. In all other teachings of the Torah, the root verb ("heh-resh-gimmel" ) is used. The reason behind this is that on certain occasions, the Torah allows you to kill if no other alternative exists. (Defending you or your family or property)

In the New Testament, Christ further defined this commandment for us. In Matthew 5 for example, He tells us that if we harbor anger towards each other we have committed murder. When you think about how strong hatred is and all the dire consequences we imagine for others, we have committed murder in our minds and hearts.

I know a lot of issues are argued on the political front with this commandment in mind. Personally, I think that if we are able to keep this commandment in the way God intended us to, and not as a crutch to justify our own agendas, we will be able to truly see what God meant.

Your homework for today is to think about the people in your life that you have anger, bitterness or contempt for. When you think of them, try to remember that God sheds tears for them and well as for you. If there is any way to mend the relationship please try to make it happen. If not, then by going to God and confessing your sins concerning this commandment, you have mended your relationship with Him and that is the goal.


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