Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trying to Catch Up!

I am so far behind in my whole life right now! I have way too many things going on and I am starting to feel like I will never get it all together.

I have my regular job, then I have been throwing papers for 2 weeks and I still have 1 more week to go. I have managed to get a temp job working for a medical outsourcing company that I have been doing since the middle of February and that will last until the middle of June.

Add to that, keeping the house in order, trying to remember to pay the bills in between jobs, and helping out with my grandmother. I am starting to get very tired!

Fortunately, my friend will be back in town after the 15th, so I won't be throwing papers for a little while and the other temp job is on my days off from my regular job so they aren't overlapping.

So I am behind on my postings of the commandments. I am going to try and post something before the end of the week, however, it may not be until next week.

My grandmother has pneumonia in her lower left lung so I am very worried about her. She contracted this last year and was hospitalized for a week. We are hoping that we caught it early enough to prevent this form happening again.

The stress from all of this has caused my mother to become ill. I spent most of yesterday at the Dr.'s office with her. Fortunately, they were able to give her some medicine that I hope will help her physical ailments that are stress related. Since she doesn't handle stress well, I am praying that she will find a way to alleviate some of it from her life. I have given her some tips that I hope she will implement to give her some peace in her day to day life.

As you can see, I have a very full plate at the moment. I am still doing my study in the book of Job and I have learned a great deal about myself from doing this study. I must confess that I have not relished looking at myself in this way. The good thing is that by seeing myself in this way I can change the way I perceive others and the way I talk with them.

I know this post is haphazard and for that I apologize. My thoughts are not very organized at the moment. I am going to sleep and maybe within the next 3-4 days I can get it together enough to catch up on my postings and on the posting of all my friends.

Good night all:)


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