Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My grandmother has been hospitalized again for pneumonia. Fortunately, we caught it early this time and she did not become too bad off. Her blood pressure did drop quite low (89/41) and the nursing home decided to hospitalize her. She was in for a week but she is home now and feeling much better.

This is something that happens fast and progresses even faster in the very young and very old. My grandmother has been hospitalized twice in as many years with this and it gets scarier every time. This time was the worst for me. I thought I was ready. I thought I cold be strong for my mom. I thought I wouldn't cry. There I was outside the ER exam room, holding hold to my mom for dear life crying like a baby. So much for being there for mom. Are we ever REALLY ready for this? I go over it again and again in my mind, but the reality is I am still that little girl making necklaces in the floor with my granny using her buttons and thread.


  1. Cyn City said...
    No, I don't think ANYONE can ever really prepare themselves. No one is ever ready.
    John said...
    Hi Inge'!!! :) Glad that I could visit and read your blog.

    My heart and prayers goes out to you and your grandmother. I have to agree with Cyn City. No matter how prepared we are, how strong we are, when it happens, we are still human.

    Take care, and hope that you're doing better than me at managing your workload :) God bless!

    PS# I can't seem to load your blogsite. I'm actually viewing this post via the Blogger Dashboard.

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