Monday, June 8, 2009

Family Ties

There is a lady that lives at the same nursing facility as my grandmother. About a month or so ago, she fell and broke her hip. Since this has happened, she has lost the will to live. This is a woman that was able to walk and talk and she even helped out in the dining room. To have given up like this just baffles me.

Her children have been keeping a daily vigil. These same children could not make time out of their lives to visit her on the weekends but now they can be there everyday. I get really angry when I see this kind of thing. I know that we don't choose our parents. I know that they often disappoint us in some way or another. But, we as children are more times than not, no prize either. I see this kind of thing and I look at my own family. I don't know of a single family without some sort of hang-up.

I see this sort of thing and I long for my own family to bury their hatchets. But we all seem to want to hang on to those things that make us the most bitter. I for one, can honestly say, that I constantly give this to the Lord so that I don't have all this bitterness and anger inside of me. I lived on that for far too long and it just isn't worth it.

I pray this family doesn't dishonor their mother in death as they have while she is still living. I also pray that my own family doesn't do the same when my grandmother passes.

This is just one more reason to say what you have to say while you still can. There will come a point in your life when you will realize just how much you wasted by keeping those "bad" emotions inside you. I am not saying to lash out at the other person. I am saying to clear the air, talk it over, forgive one another and move on. Then you can develop the relationship you knew was there lurking in the shadows all the time. Even if you only have a week or a month or a year, to have the tender love of one another at all is a blessing. To know what the love of a mother to her child or brother to a sister at all is a gift to be cherished forever. Those are the memories to keep. Not what happened 20 years ago that in the grand scheme of life really only affects you and those you love. They are the ones who suffer through your bitterness. Because if you don't clear the air with the one that offended you, you will take it out on those who have not.


  1. MilesPerHour said...
    What you have talked about is sad but at least you can see it clearly and apply to your own life. Thank you for giving me some insight.
    John said...
    Let God deal with them. I've seen changes in people that only God can be behind it.

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