Sunday, June 28, 2009

Be Informed or Be Quiet

My hubs and I are polar opposites when it comes to political beliefs. Or so he says. He is so far left that I have to go outside just to talk with him. I on the other hand, have just recently discovered that I fall into the category "domestic terrorist" as defined by Homeland Security. While I find this quite humorous, I think it scares hubs just a little.

Things were so heated in my house before and after the presidential election, that I have refused to talk politics with him until the next election. Now we talk about religion. Just for some lighthearted fun:)

He is an avid fan of Bill Maher. I on the other hand, can find him quite offensive personally. I have elected not to watch him so hubs tapes him and watches while I am at home to antagonize me. "Hey baby! Come watch this. Just this one part that's all." You get the idea. One of these days I am going to put shaving cream in his shoes or something.

The episode he watched recently had Meghan McCain as a guest. I think it aired in May originally. She is a contributing blogger on The Daily Beast. I personally did not recognize her when I saw her. I have tried to block the whole Bush thing out of my mind.

Since she is a Republican, or at least she blogs about issues that seem to side with the Republican Party, I expected her to be a much more informed guest. I found her to be petulant, immature, and she has the vocabulary of a 12-16 year old. She was way out of her league and it was very obvious even to someone that is not politically savvy.

When asked by Paul Begala about something pertaining to the Reagan administration, her reply was, "I wasn't born then." Excuse me?! You weren't born then?! I had to walk out of the room at this point.

The thought of her being the representative of young American voters is appalling. She should have done her homework. You can't get by on your name forever. One can only hope that the rest of the young Americans in this country are more informed or we are all in trouble.

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  1. Al said...
    Interesting post, and in spite of your obvious political differences you and your "hubs" sound adorable enough to remain together. 2012 cannot come soon enough and hopefully the Republicans can restore their rightful place on the political scene.

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