Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is my sister's birthday. I used to go over to her house early in the morning, and leave cards and such when this whole drama first started. Now I don't. She seems to want it this way so I leave her alone.

But....I do miss her. Even though the relationship has always been one-sided. Even though her husband thinks he is above me. Even though she has always used me to get what she wants.

I think what I miss is the opportunity to have the relationship with her that God intended us to to have. The one where we love each other despite our faults. The one where we are honest with each other without being malicious. The one where we get together often since we live so close. Oh well, maybe one day this will come to pass.

In the meantime I wait. Wait for her to see that forgiveness is a 2 way street. Wait for her to see repentance is accepting responsibility for your actions. Wait for her to see that an apology is specific and not broad if it is a meaningful one. Wait for her to see that I am not to blame for her choices in life and that she can't run forever.

Happy birthday sis. I love you for who you are not in spite of who you are. I miss our time together. I miss the laughs and tears we shared. I miss my neice and nephew. I miss us.


  1. a corgi said...
    happy birthday to your sister; I'm so sorry you guys have a strained relationship or no relationship; that must be hard especially if you guys were close before (and it sounds like you were). I hope that one day it can get resolved and restored so that you can be close again

    Noreen Ann Jenkins said...
    I wish your sister a happy birthday. I am so sorry to hear about you and your sister. You seem so nice, caring, loving and forgiving. I hope that one day that your sister will see that in you, too and both of you all will be close again.

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