Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What! No Driving!

Small Footprints has really been laying down the gauntlet lately. She has been issuing challenges for her readers to try on Wednesdays. Most of them have been fairly easy to accomplish. But this one will be hard for me.

This week's challenge is to go one WHOLE day without driving. Since my job is 32 miles away, biking is out of the question. I also throw newspapers on occasion, so nix those days. But... Wednesday I am off work and I am not throwing papers! So I am doing all my far away errands today and my grandson is coming over tomorrow. I thought I would involve him in this little venture and see what he comes with as an alternative to driving. It is supposed to be 98 here tomorrow and with the humidity, the heat index should be in the low 100's. I don't think we will be spending much time outdoors. Maybe in the late afternoon, he and I can walk the dogs together and he can get a different take on the neighborhood.

I think this is by far the hardest challenge I am undertaking, but it will be fun to see what I can come up with as alternative transportation.

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  1. John said...
    So did you manage to come up with an alternative?

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