Friday, July 24, 2009

I've Been Robbed!

Since the men in my family don't live very long, I can only testify to the women and their money hang ups. My great-grandmother lived to be 94 and she carried all her money in her purse. I am talking thousands of dollars in her purse. My grandmother would take it when it became about 3-4 thousand and put it in the bank. Talk about getting mad!! My great-grandmother would become downright pissed over this. I realize that it was because of the era she grew up in. Banks then as now apparently, were not to be trusted.

My grandmother did put her money in the bank. When Katrina hit, and she came to live up here, the only thing she was worried about was her money. My mom moved it all up here and I would drive granny by the bank and show her where her money was. I offered to take her in so she could talk with someone and make sure it was all still there, but just driving by was enough. Then she started carrying her checks in her purse when we would go somewhere. I am not talking about the checkbook, I am talking ALL of her checks box and all in her purse. I finally hid them from her because I was afraid that I would forget her purse somewhere what with all the other stuff I had to carry with us when we went anywhere.

So granny has not talked about her money for quite some time. Until yesterday. Mom goes to see her and the first thing granny says is, "That man stole all my money!" Now we don't know what man she was talking about or why she even thought about her money. Mom was finally able to get her mind off of it and she played with some children that were there for a while.

Today, I go to see her and thankfully she had forgotten all about the robbery.


  1. a corgi said...
    oh your poor grandmother; that would be frightening to imagine she had been robbed. I would think she got from her mother the distrust of banks and the fear of being without money because of the depression; I can't imagine anyone carrying that much money around in their purse!! good thing no one knew of it (other than family). People are interesting in what they do to protect their money and to hide it. I had an uncle who never married. He enjoyed making grandfather clocks. After he died, everything was auctioned off and money split between family members per his will. My sister went to the auction and bid on one of his clocks and got it. When she got it home and opened it up to look at it, she found several thousand dollars of cash in an envelope in it. She promptly gave the money to the people taking care of the estate. But we often wonder if there were other clocks with money hidden in it and others who found the hidden treasure just kept it other than turning it into the estate. Valuable lessons learned on making sure people know where your money might be.

    enjoy the weekend

    JennyMac said...
    ahhhh...the grandparents. A girlfriend of mine discovered about 20K in cash hidden throughout her grandparents house when they helped the GPs move...grandparents did NOT like banks so hid money EVERYWHERE in the house. LOL.

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