Sunday, August 9, 2009

Is it OCD or OPD?

I used to love to watch the show Designing Women. On one of the later episodes, one of the characters describes herself has having OPD (Obnoxious Personality Disorder). My husband, the couch psychologist, has diagnosed me with have OCD because I am such a neat freak. Oh well get over it is my motto.

Since I have been on a technology fast, I have accomplished a lot. I reorganized my kitchen which took hours. I had to clean all the cabinets (doors and drawers), clean the counter tops and all the things I keep on the counters. Sweep and mop floor and wash rugs.

Then I organized my pantry. I gave all the food away that we obviously were not going to eat (who needs 5 boxes of long grain and wild rice?)to a friend.

I have a lot of stuff my son just threw up in the attic. So....I decided it needed to be organized. I was able to organize about half of the attic. The other half is this week. I threw away a lot of stuff that was broken or too deteriorated to be recycled. I still don't know why we kept most of that stuff. I have a storage unit that is full of stuff. So I have started moving that stuff back home. I am doing it a little at a time so I can go through it and donate what I know I don't have to have. So far I have 7 bags and 2 boxes of stuff for the Vets and I am still counting.

B and I went through her room before she left for Florida. She gave all her stuff to a friend that has a 16 year old.

I also cleaned out my freezer and reorganized it. I gave some of that food away also. Do I really need 6 bags of mixed vegetables?

This week I am finishing the attic and ripping the carpet out of B's room. Since she is going to be gone for 18 days, I think I will have time to redo her room and bathroom while she is gone. I am so glad she went through her stuff before she left! She takes after my Granny in the fact that she is a pack rat. But she is getting better with some gentle prodding from her mother.

So I guess my OCD causes me to get OPD to get all this stuff done. Who knows as long as it gets done.

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  1. MilesPerHour said...
    Hmm, might be a combo of the two.

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