Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Man in the Mirror

Well, Senator Ted Kennedy died today. All the news channels are touting his good works. It seems even they don't want to speak ill of the dead. I have never understood that concept. While wait until someone dies to speak nice things about them? If you have no problem dragging them through the mud while they are living, why wait until they die to say something nice about them? But I digress.

I have been reading all sorts of opinions on Kennedy today. Everything from the very good to the very bad. It would seem that the Left is touting his good points while the Right is rehashing the whole Chappaquiddick thing.

I am sure when Kennedy first became a politician, he wanted to make all sorts of changes for the better. Changes that would help others, make him a mover and a shaker. I wonder at what point did he lose sight of his vision? At what point did he cross that line in the sand? Did he even notice? If he did, why did he continue to make personal and political choices that kept him in the same muck?

At what point do we cross our own line in the sand? Why do we look at the decisions we make in a different mirror than the same decisions made by others? Why do we expect others to understand our situation is "different" and to give us some leeway?

One of the statements I read from someone was "respect is earned not given". Who decided that? We all have different meanings for respect, so whose definition do we use? Can you withstand your own definition? Can you look in the mirror you hold others to and say you are above board?

In 1 Peter 2:17, Peter instructs us to honor (respect) everyone. Peter includes the emperor in this verse. Our modern day president and politicians.
So we are to show respect because God commands it.

If you read 1 Samuel 26:11, you find David refusing to kill King Saul. He calls Saul God's anointed. The people wanted a king and Saul is the man the people chose. He was anointed with oil as was the custom of the day. David refused to kill Saul because of his position as king. So we are to show respect to others because of their position.

We should also respect others as children of God made in His image. Even the unsaved. You respect your boss,and others in a position of authority without knowing their salvation status all the time.

We tend to forget that the Bible states that God loved us first; not the other way around. (1John 4:10) We need to see others as God sees us. God sees the finished product. He knows what we will be as well as what we are. He knows our hidden potential. We should strive to do the same with others. Remember that God doesn't just see what they are now, He sees them as they will be. God looks into the heart. He knows the real you. He knows the true desires of all of us including the Kennedys.


  1. a corgi said...
    very well said and so true!! and God does command us to respect those in authority, no matter what we might feel about them. I have to remember that one a lot these days

    will have to do some thinking on your wise words you wrote, thanks for sharing

    Expat From Hell said...
    Dear Inge: You, unlike the news channel that touts it, are showing yourself as fair and balanced here. I really appreciate the kind words, and your weaving of Scripture into the prose. I will be back again....

    Your newest fan.


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