Monday, September 28, 2009

Easter is Finally Over

My grandmother is in a semi-private room at the nursing home. When she first moved in this room, she was near the door. When her roommate passed, mom and I moved her near the window. This is the "primo" space in any facility be it a hospital, long term care, or even airplane.

During Easter, mom and I put some window clings on her window. She liked them so much that we were not allowed to take them down. So, while I was perusing Wal Mart the other night, I found her some Halloween clings. She watched very intently while I took the old ones down and put the new ones up.

Since granny loves children, I was able to find some fun ones of little kids dressed up and some kittens being playful. I think she likes them. She was not quite herself this afternoon so I won't know for sure until I visit again tomorrow.

But at least we are now caught up on the holidays.


  1. Vodka Logic said...
    How sweet and caring you are. I am sure she loves them, and your visits.
    a corgi said...
    how cute! I like the decorating idea though with using the clingy things on the window. here's what is cool; you kept the Easter decorations up because she wanted them left up. You didn't try to change her mind that it wasn't Easter any more or remove them immediately after the holiday. You allowed her to "dictate" what she wanted in her room, her "home" we'll call it. I think that's neat. Do little kids come around at Halloween to visit? I know I've been part of some groups in the past that kids would come and trick and treat at nursing homes and the people there would love to see the costumes, etc


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