Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moses the Man

I have just started a new study in Exodus. I am really excited because there is so much in Exodus. Also, I am not that well versed in the Old Testament, so this gives me an opportunity to learn more about the character of God and about myself.

Since I just started this study, not a lot has happened yet. Moses has just seen the burning bush for the first time. While I was in my small group study last week I noticed something about the women there. They all seem to revere Moses. This got me to thinking about how I fell about Moses and I wonder who is off base, me or them?

I am definitely not trying to be mean or have one of those dreaded holier-than-thou attitudes. I just see Moses a little differently I guess.

First of all, he was curious. He tries to go behind the bush to see why it is not being consumed. All these women are talking like he saw it out of the corner of his eye. No, he saw it dead on and wanted to know what was up with it. Just like we would have done.

Next you have Moses and God speaking. This never ceases to amaze me. He gives God excuses! I know we all give God excuses as to why can't do this or say that, but he verbalizes them OUT LOUD to God. Since God already knew this would happen, He puts plan B into action. Aaron will do all the talking. The Bible doesn't say this but can you imagine that conversation between Moses and his brother? So, they go before Pharaoh and Moses can't say anything. So Aaron gets to glorify God with his words. This brings to my memory the story or Esther and her uncle. He told her if you don't step up to the plate, God will find someone else to.

Then you have the whole 10 commandments thing. Moses goes up to the mount and spends 40 days/nights there. While he is there, he gets the 10 commandments. The Bible doesn't say this, but, some commentaries I have read have said that the stone upon which they were written could have been from God. God could possibly have His own stones there or just decided to use what was on hand. This makes me wonder what if they were stones from heaven? Rubies are stones. So are diamonds and emeralds. Anyway, Moses sees the finger of God writing these commandments. The finger of God!!

God tells him get down from here the people are acting like idiots. They are making and worshiping idols. Who started this? The Bible says the multitudes. These were the people that left with the Israelites. They were not Jewish. Who leads the pack? Aaron! What does Moses do? He gets so mad that he throws the 10 commandments and breaks them. Now he just saw the finger of God at work. You know that there was some kind of noise going on up there that the people heard. With all that they have witnessed, what were they thinking? God is just going to take Moses and leave them there?

So now I am asking myself, what burning bushes have I just walked by without a second thought? What are some that I have stopped at only to talk myself out of acting on? What word has God given me to share with others that I have just thrown at them in my anger? How many times have I decided that God has forgotten me and turned to my own means to solve an issue?

What is encouraging is that God never gave up on Moses. Because of his relationship with God, he became one to the greatest intercessory prayer warriors of the Bible. No doubt about it, he was a great man but he was just a man.

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  1. Expat From Hell said...
    Don't forget he spent his formative months drifting in the weeds of the river. The fact that he got picked up and "adopted" by Pharoah's family always astounded me. Keep us posted on your progress....!


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