Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Granny Updates

I really have not talked about my grandmother recently. I have had a lot on my plate these days.

My mom hurt her back 3 weeks ago and I have been doing double duty with Granny. The good thing is she is still in good spirits and has not gotten sad or upset because mom has not been able to visit. On the down side, I am tired!!

We have mani-pedi day once a week and she really likes that. Since my daughter is young, and granny is young at heart, I use B's nail polish. Granny loves the bright pinks and oranges. Last week when I finished, she held her hands out and said, "Look at that! Aren't they pretty! Who did that?" Mind you it had only been about 10 minutes so I don't know if she really forgot or was just teasing me. I prefer to think it was the latter.

We have had a problem with rashes lately. Her bottom was quite red and irritated last week. Thankfully, I did not have to act ignorant to get them to do something and she has recovered.

Today when I went to see her, she was roaming the halls. This is always a good sign. When I got her to her room, we had a mess to clean up. I won't go into deatils but I will say that I wish I had unlimited access to the showers because that would have made things much easier on both of us. Anyway, while I am cleaning her up she says, "I asked the Lord to help me and He sent you. You are my baby." How touching is that?

Tomorrow is mani-pedi day and I have some purple/pinkish polish to put on her nails. She is going to love it!


  1. Vodka Logic said...
    How fun it sounds to spend time with your grandmother. Mine are all gone bless them
    a corgi said...
    I think it is awesome that even though your grandmother has lost some of her memory and has difficulty with remembering things that just happened a few short 10 minutes ago, she still remembers the Lord; that is kind of neat don't you think?? at least that wasn't taken away from her

    you are a devoted grand-daughter; truly a blessing to her :)

    Ambiance in the Attic said...
    I agree with Betty, you are a devoted grand-daughter. I miss my grandmothers. You are very special for sharing your time!
    Anonymous said...
    During my years working in long-term care facilities, I have frequently noticed that residents DO enjoy little things like having their nails done, going to the beauty shop, having make-up put on, and other similar things. (Women in particular, although some men really appreciate going to the beauty shop.) My opinion is that it helps them feel more "complete" or more in touch with their memories. Remember, this was the generation that never left home without having their hair immaculately coiffed, and without doing their faces and their nails. Bravo to you for doing this little thing for your grandmother!

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