Tuesday, September 8, 2009

International Literacy Day

I cannot remember when I was not able to read. I cannot imagine life without books. The perfect date for me is Barnes and Noble with a Starbucks. I could spend hours and mucho dinero on books. I usually read 3-4 at a time depending on the topic.

Personally, I think every child/adult should have a desire to read. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Reading just isn't exciting enough for most. There is no physical action, no loud noises to stimulate, no commercials.

But the way the mind works when you are reading! Your imagination can make even the best movie seem like a B movie. You get caught up in the plot and lose yourself in the words. For me, there is no comparison.

I find it very heartbreaking that so many are illiterate in this country. We are one of the if not the most advanced nation in the world and our schools are graduating children that cannot fill out a basic job application.

I would encourage you today to build a new memory with your child. Start a new tradition by reading together. Some of my fondest memories as a young girl are of reading with my mother. I can still see us trading novels and reading the paper together. Whenever we are able, we still read the paper together. This can lead to a whole new level of understanding between you and your child.

If you do not have children, then maybe you could volunteer to read to children at your local school or library. Better yet, teach a person to read! Think of the gift you are giving them. To be able to read your own name on paper. To read a love letter written to you.

I hope that sometime today, you all sit down with a good book and share the experience with someone that can carry on the tradition.


  1. a corgi said...
    you are so right, Inge; it is so vital to read and so many kids are graduating without that ability to read. I used to read for hours to my kids; one developed a love for it, one didn't. I think TV and video games, etc have made a significant impact on the amount people read nowadays. I too like to read and I'm making it a point to read more books these days and less blogs :) (but it is a battle some days, LOL)

    Ambiance in the Attic said...
    I have read some of your posts and I have read your comments to Expat From Hell. I am very confident from what I have read on you that you have a christian point of view on life. I would like to ask your opinion if I may on a subject regarding my 11 yr old son. He has a propensity to lie. Not just once in a while, but seemingly all the time. We have pointed out that this is not God's way and that lying is a sin and that he must be punished and face consequences for his lies. Sometimes he will lie to make himself look good like " Oh I hit the golf ball 220 yards." Sometimes he will lie to avoid getting in trouble like "yes, I brushed my teeth." ( But the toothbrush is not wet and he still has morning breath. We have tried grounding, taking away privileges ( like video games, and tv). We have made him write out apologies along with stating the truth. Do you have any other suggestions or insight into how to get to the underlying issue? Do you have any discipline techniques you can share? Thank you for listening.

    Ambience in the Attic

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