Monday, September 7, 2009

Must You be so Human?

We all know the "perfect" couple. You know, the perfect marriage, perfect kids, great house, all that happy, happy, joy, joy, stuff. What I think we never stop and think about is what are they really like? When we leave, do they fight, are they slobs, are their kids brats? I used to know a couple like this. My aunt and uncle. This is my mom's sister and her now ex-husband. I wanted my husband to be just like him. I thought he was great. He loved the Lord like no man I have ever known that was not a minister. He had a good job, he was a neat freak (that's my OCD/OPD talking), and he was funny.

I held him in such high esteem, that I think that if anyone had told me he was just a man, I would have gotten mad. Then the marriage went on the rocks. I found out things I wish I had not. I refused to believe the things I heard about him. Things my mom and aunt told me. Things his children told me. This was just not the man I knew. They had to be wrong.

I still stayed at his house when I went to visit relatives. We still talked way into the night. I just simply could not imagine where they were coming from. Then he remarried. He let the family know that he wanted nothing to do with any of us anymore. He started making decisions that were in total opposition to the man I knew. He changed.

This was a man that prayed with me. Prayed for my children. I could call him at any time day or night and he would comfort me when my son was still living at home. He taught me so much about the Lord. Now he doesn't even want to talk to me. I was devastated. Then I realized something. He is just a man. He has his faults. Yes he was very close to the Lord. He still loves the Lord I don't doubt that. But he has strayed from God.

What I have learned from this is that we all stray. No one is perfect. We all have our skeletons. Mine take up a small shed. What I have to remember is that no one should be held up that high. You are only setting yourself up for disappointment. Yes, we should admire good qualities in others. Yes we should all strive to be better people. But we should remember that we all have our place and no one should take God's place in our lives.


  1. Expat From Hell said...
    Ah, but then there's the conviction, dear Inge. It may take months or even years, but He nags and cajoles and gnaws at your spirit until you finally reach out again to make things right. "Confess your sins one to another...." Very tough recipe for peace, but the important question is - are you ready if and when that phone call comes?

    Blessings on you, my friend.

    Christy said...
    Well put!! People will always let us down BUT we know the one that never lets us down!!!
    a corgi said...
    I think you summed it up really well Inge; we shouldn't put others up on a pedestal because we are all flawed and usually those "heros" of ours, like you said, do tend to disappoint us when they do something that goes against our preceived opinion of them

    MilesPerHour said...
    I really never did have any heroes even growing up as a sports nut. I suppose I wanted to be like some of them athletically, but even as a kid I knew i didn't know what kind of person they were. None of us are perfect, but God loves us anyway. Now that is perfection.

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