Saturday, September 19, 2009

So this week's challenge by Small Footprints is what we down her in the south call a real booger bear.

Are you ready for this? No paper towels for a week!! 7 whole days. The Styrofoam thing was really tough because there are so many things that you buy that are only packaged with Styrofoam. But this...well this really takes some creativity on my part.

I don't use a lot of paper towels but when I do, it seems as though that is the only thing that will do. We use a redneck version of a cloth napkin and I use old towels that I have torn for drying dishes and the like.

But...when I cook I wash my meat and lay it on paper towels to dry a little before cooking. In order to reduce my use I have decided to use my colander to replace the paper towels.

I also use paper towels to dry my cast iron cookware. I have begun to use towels for this also.

The problem is french fries. I love french fries! But I have to find an alternative to drain them on. I used to use paper grocery bags but they seem to be extinct. I guess I could also use my colander for that too. We will see.

Anyway, the good news is that my family is starting to get into the groove of this. Hubs is all over it but my daughter B has been a little reluctant. But she is making a serious effort to get on board and I applaud her valiant efforts.

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  1. a corgi said...
    I remember my mom using paper bags for the french fries; thanks for that memory

    good luck to you; what a challenge! actually I would fail miserably at this one; sadly we go through 2 sometimes 3 rolls of paper towels a week.....


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