Thursday, October 29, 2009

What a Fool am I

I was listening to James MacDonald this morning while throwing papers. Nothing like a good healthy dose of reality and conviction from God to start off your day.

He just started a new series on the book of Proverbs. While I enjoy Proverbs, and I almost always find something for someone else there, I was not prepared for what I heard the other day.

The first person I shared this with was my prayer partner. Since she derives great joy from spiritually killing me with Oswald Chambers, I figured I would return the favor:) I also felt compelled to share this with all of you. Spread the wealth if you will.

Let me start by saying that in my naivete, I thought only the unsaved could be considered fools or foolish. The saved were "babies" or "fallen" or "stumbling" anything but foolish. Suffice it to say, I now know differently.

The first feature of foolishness is:
1. Being offended at being ignored. "They didn't even thank me". "They didn't even bother to speak." "They didn't even notice my efforts." You get the idea.

2. Being offended at being insulted. You can ignore me but if you insult me....
This can be verbal or not.

3. Being afflicted. You can ignore me, even insult me, but if you inflict some type of pain on me.... I'm talking hurt pride, broken heart, hurt feelings, you understand. In some cases, there can be physical affliction, but that is better left to someone better equipped to discuss.

Now on to my personal confession. I have been having issues with all 3 of these lately. I cannot begin to describe how I felt when I realized that this is considered foolish behavior by God.

The point that MacDonald brings up, is that Christ went through all of this. He was ignored,insulted, and afflicted. What did he say to those that brought all this upon Him? NOTHING.

In my zeal to defend myself or justify my own actions or words, I forget that if I will just say nothing, do nothing, God WILL protect my reputation. He is faithful to His own. He protects His own and He will get my justice for me in a way that I could never devise on my own.

The problem is that I feel that I have to say something or do something. It is very hard to just take it. It goes against all of my human nature to do so. The good news is that God knows this. Because He knows this, He is willing to continue working on me and that always gives me hope.

You can go to Walk in the Word and download his sermons for free including this one.

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  1. John said...
    That we could really remain silent, remain calm, remain open, not defensive... upon the torrents of abuse, neglect and affliction over a lengthy period of time, remains an arduous effort.

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