Saturday, October 31, 2009

Granny Updates

I have been working a lot this past week, so I am behind in my blogging. that only means one thing....I will be posting several today to catch up.

Now on to Granny. Since my last post, her care has improved. I don't know if the aide in question was talked to or what. I just know that granny is clean and dry no matter what time I show up. Since I know the key code, I can get in anytime so I have been making "popcorn" visits in the early hours of the morning and late at night.

I have decided to be less friendly also. I know this sounds harsh. I am not rude or mean. But I am more business like if you will. I feel this is a necessary tactic to ensure that those in charge know that my granny and her care is all I really care about.

My mom has been able to go and visit her more so that is a good thing. Her back is still not 100 percent but at least she can drive and do other things again.

This ensures that granny gets afternoon visits and early evening visits when I am at work.

All in all, granny's care has been good. But, as with anything, there will be slip ups and they will have to be handled accordingly. Thanks to all the sound advice I have received from you guys, I feel that I can handle the next situation more effectively. Thank you all for your concern and words of encouragement and advice.
I value all of you and I am grateful for your concern.


  1. That corgi :) said...
    I read what was going on with the care of your grandmother, Inge, and I'm glad that she is being cared for in a better manner these days. I have to agree with you that sometimes a business like attitude is needed over a friendly casual like one; I think people tend to respect business more, if that makes sense. Having said it, I'm glad your grandmother is being treated with dignity and getting the care that she needs now. good that you can pop in at any time too and that you are doing those "surprise" visits. glad to hear your mom is doing better too

    (glad you got to go out and enjoy some fun time tonight with your son/grandson :)

    John said...
    Hi Inge', I know this is out of topic, but ya'know, I'd never heard of the expression "popcorn visits". Googling it tells me, in Urban Dictionary that a popcorn visit is an unscheduled, unsolicited booty call... booty call being, a late night summons - often made via telephone - to arrange clandestine sexual liaisons on an ad hoc basis.

    *Trying hard not to laugh...* :D

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