Sunday, November 8, 2009

Choose Your Plague pt 2

Since reading about the plagues and the significance of them, I have been looking at my own "plagues". Some would say my own gods and they would be right. We all have things we put before our relationship with God. The question is which of these things has God used as a plague to us?

I seem to have quite a few of these things. God is constantly showing me that this is not my god. He is always using some circumstance that involves a particular plague of mine to show me that I am not putting Him first and that this thing will not replace Him.

I have always had a very caustic sense of humor. I cannot read Numbers 11 without laughing. It is one of my favorite stories. I am constantly reminding myself to be careful that today's Manna can be tomorrow's quail. I think that is what God does with me and my plagues. He gives them to me until they are coming out my nose and I beg for mercy and relief.

Some of my plagues are common to all of us. Money, family, emotional rulings, etc. But some I never considered before are education, personal time, the need for my "space", work. When I let these things interfere or become bigger in my life than my relationship with God, they become a plague. God basically says, " This is what you asked for Inge'. Get ready because here it comes!"

I have come a long way in some of these areas. But, in others , well let's just say my nose hurts.

Do you have any plagues in your life? Id God using them to show you He must be first if you are to really grow?

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  1. That corgi :) said...
    anxiety, fear, computer, son to name just a few

    but you are right, Inge, anything we put before God is a god (idol). He needs to be first place in our heart/lives


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