Sunday, November 8, 2009

My mom has been able to visit my grandmother these past 2 weeks. This is a good thing since I picked up a seasonal job and cannot go as often.

We have not had any incidents as bad as the last one I posted about. Another good thing.

But, there have been others. My mom has gone to the director of nursing at the home, and the director of the nursing home. Several comments have been made that are not very nice about my mom. But, she is not concerned about it as long as my grandmother is cared for properly.

Apparently, they have suspended the aide that was taking care of granny at night. When he comes back, they will be putting him on another wing. My question is why is he even coming back? It is obvious from his performance, that he is not doing a good job. I need to state that we are not the only family that is not happy with the care he provides.

The main office of this facility is located in another state. I have the 800 number and mailing address of the home office. I am seriously considering writing them a letter detailing the incidents and what steps have/have not been taken. The aides are union at this nursing home. It seems that this is an intimidating factor in regards to how they are disciplined. I am not union but my mother has been in previous jobs. So, I do know that there are procedures that must be followed when dealing with anyone in a union. But, the state in which I live is an "at will to work" state.

Also, even though they are under a union contract, my state is not any of the states listed that follow certain guidelines concerning this.

Instead of taking action against this employees, they seem to be trying to make it harder on my mom. She made the comment that she hid in my grandmother's closet and did not see anyone enter her room for over 2 hours. Since they are supposed to make rounds every 2 hours, this is not acceptable. So now they have the aides checking the closets. They have also made the comment that mom is looking for a reason to file a lawsuit. This is not the case at all.

My grandmother's care is the only thing that is on my mom's mind. No one wants to go to court. But if your bed is soaked through and your clothes are wet, there is a definite problem in your house. We both worry about how they talk to and treat granny when we are gone. We hate to say anything because we know in the end she is the one that will suffer because of us. But, on the other hand, if we say nothing she still suffers. There are only 2 nursing homes in my area and this is the only long term one so we are essentially stuck.

I don't know what we are going to to. I only know that I am worried about my granny.

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  1. That corgi :) said...
    can you call the state inspector or whoever would be responsible for patients' safety in nursing homes? I would definitely also write a letter to the main company detailing what's going on. its not right if they aren't providing the care they are supposed to be providing and if the elderly are unable to verbalize what is going on, they need an advocate to speak up for them. I know its gotta be hard because you are worried for your grandmother's safety/care. I wonder if something can be done anonymously?


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