Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Too Much TV

I have decided that I watched "The Ten Commandments" way too much as a child. I have learned so much while doing this study in Exodus!

I just finished reading chapters 7-10 in Exodus. This is the beginning of the plaques. I thought that when Moses and God spoke that Aaron would do the talking and Moses would get to do all the cool stuff. Well, after reading the Word, I realize that Charlton Heston has definitely clouded my thinking.

Aaron does do the talking but so does Moses. Moses does get to do some of the cool stuff but so does Aaron and, they also do some of it together. God also causes some of the plaques without either brother.

In chapter 7, we have the rod on the ground becoming a serpent. Aaron is the one that throws the rod down not Moses. Also in chapter 7, Aaron is the one that turns the Nile to blood. In chapter 8 we have Aaron causing the swarm of frogs and gnats. We also have the plaque of flies in chapter 8 but God does this one alone without either brother.

In chapter 9, God also causes the livestock to die. But, He uses Moses and Aaron to bring about the boils. God uses Moses to bring the hail at the end of chapter 9.

Chapter 10 brings the locusts and the darkness. Moses is the one used to do those.

I was amazed at the way God used both brothers in both roles to glorify Him. I cannot say that Pharaoh has surprised me that much. When I look at my own life and realize just how much I had hardened myself against God, I am only surprised that God never has given up on me.

What I have learned from Pharaoh is this: I have "bargained" with God far too much in my life. I have made too many promises that I did not keep. I just did not want to get off the fence. It was easier for me to say this and do that, than to be the woman I knew God wanted me to be. Suffice it to say, I have paid and in some cases I am still paying for those decisions. But, my faith is stronger and my love for the Lord is stronger and I know that I can get through this and much more with Him.

So, I guess I won't be watching as much tv in the future. Mom was right. It will rot your brain!

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  1. That corgi :) said...
    LOL (but they don't make movies like the 10 Commandments any more; that is a classic for sure; maybe not Biblically correct in places, but still a great epic movie :)

    I love the whole Pharoah/Moses encounter; Pharoah is sooo hard hearted. He let his country basically get destroyed because he wouldn't give in

    I love also that God eventually sent the plaques only to Egypt and spared Goshen :)

    our God is sooooooo awesome :)


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