Thursday, December 17, 2009

Year in Review, Sort Of

I am so glad to have a little free time to catch up with all of you! I have been working very hard these last few weeks and it looks as though I will have a small reprieve before it starts back up again in February.

Before I start getting all sappy on ya'll, I wanted to catch you up on Granny. She is doing really well! I have not seen her much these past weeks but I do get daily updates from my mom. I will be seeing her on Monday when we get together at mom's for Christmas. I got her a satin pink clutch with pink iridescent sequins on it. I think she will love it. Plus keeping the sequins straight will keep her busy:) Mom will be out of town on Christmas Day, so we are celebrating early.

My sister helped my mom with granny's perm a few weeks ago. I am glad that she was there to help. She and my mother seem to be slowly rebuilding their relationship. They have a long way to go and some things still need to be settled between them, but this is a HUGE step! My sister also wants to take pictures of granny for Christmas. I think they are doing that next week. I collect vintage jewelry, so I have lots of earrings and necklaces for granny to wear. I also have a Santa hat that mom is going to have her wear for some of them. I have not decided if I will be there for this or not. I am not there in my journey yet. We will see.

I want to thank all of you my "old" friends and my "new" friends. I enjoy reading all of your blogs and comments on mine. A few of you do stand out in my mind more than others, but I cherish you all. I wanted to list all of you so others can enjoy you as much as I do. So drum roll please...... in no particular order:

A Faded Rose

Shopping Kharma

Ambience in the Attic

A Corgi in in So. Cal.

A Psychiatrist w/Lewy Body Dementia

Abundant Living

Coltin 1948

Expat From Hell

Let's Have A Cocktail

The Rainbow Bank

Now I don't have hundreds of followers. I have 44 to be exact. I did not want to take up this whole post with them all so I just posted 10. I will try to post links to the rest of ya'll between now and Christmas. I do appreciate all of you and am grateful to have each and every one of you in my life.

I hope that your Christmas is joyful and full of the things that matter. God, family, friends and recognition of the many blessings that we all have.

I also have some ideas in the works for next year so I can keep you guys entertained!

Merry Christmas!!!!


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