Saturday, December 19, 2009

What Was I Thinking?!

I have not had a party in several years. With my work schedule, it is almost impossible for me to plan anything simple much less a dinner party.

I have Christmas Eve off this year, so I decided to plan a small dinner party. Just a few family and friends. My daughter is off that day, so she has offered to help me get things ready. I am looking forward to getting together with those that I have not seen in a while. B is looking forward to it also. We have not had this many people over for a holiday dinner since she was a child. Hubby has to work, so he will not be able to attend.

Now on to more great sites for you to visit. These are some of my first followers and I really appreciate their loyalty.

For environmental ideas on living green visit:
Reduce Footprints

John is my nutritionist friend from Malaysia. He is now living in the states with his new bride. You can read some of his thoughts at:
I have Dreams

Brian is my computer "go to" guy. He likes all the new gadgets and has been such a great help to me. His blog has a wealth of information for the experienced and novice alike:
Eazy Cheezy

Miles Per Hour is a great blog if you want a man's point of view. He has a way of telling it like it is that is from the heart:
Thunder From A Quiet Storm

If you like to bake "the old fashioned way", as I do then the Bread Blog is for you. Chuck has some great recipes on his site complete with step by step instructions and pics. I have made several recipes from here and they have all been great!
The Bread Blog

As always, I do appreciate all of you and the time you take to read my blog. Your encouragement and advice has been an invaluable part of my life and I look forward to reading what the year has in store for all of us!


  1. John said...
    Wow... I'm almost completely speechless... the honor of being listed here :) Thanks for the plug, Inge' :)

    Your blog had been a great blessing to me in many many ways. I'm glad that mine had been too for you.

    Thanks for your friendship and let's keep this going :)

    PS# Who knows, one day, I'll drop by Elvisland ;)
    Inge' said...
    You are most welcome for the plug! I look forward to our continued friendship and remember your Blue Suede Shoes if you come to Elvisland:)

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