Monday, January 11, 2010

Manic Monday

My first guest is Brian from Eazy Cheezy. Brain has a great blog chocked full of all things technical. If you want to now where to watch free movies online, anything about SEO engines,social networking,or apps for your phone, Eazy Cheezy is the place to visit. I hope all of you stop by his blog for a perusing.

5 Fun Pranks for Manic Monday

Hi Dementia for 2 followers, I’m Brian author of Eazy Cheezy, a blog I use to share some of my favorite stuff on the net, such as free movie sites, apps and just about everything else.

As I’m writing this post, I can’t seem to get the Bangles “Manic Monday” song out of my mind. Now the Manic Monday echo in my head has transitioned to me walking like an Egyptian. If you weren’t alive in the 8o’s, you have no clue what I’m talking about.

Being the first guest blogger on Dementia for 2, I thought I’d keep it light and share 5 of my favorite pranks to play on coworkers, friends and definitely family. Let’s face it, no one enjoys Mondays. Why not make the best of it and set the tone for the rest of the week. Each prank below is simple to execute and your victim will definitely get a kick out of it.

1. Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Wallpaper

This wallpaper is taken from the old Windows error users usually see prior to purchasing a new computer. It cycles through different blue screens and simulates boots every 15 seconds. Per Microsoft TechNet, “its accuracy will fool even advanced NT developers.

2. Print Screen Prank

I’ve used this trick quite a few times. Find a window your coworkers frequently use, then make a print screen of the window, then paste it in a Word Document. Open up the Word Document then watch as your coworkers try to figure out why it won’t work when they click on a button, e-mail, etc.

3. Replace Desk PC, Phone, Etc with Cardboard Cutouts (via

One of my favorite pranks! You’ll have the entire office cracking up!

4. Send a Formal Notice

I’ve used the Bureau of Communication’s Templates to create entertaining formal messages which I have sent to a few friends and family. This can also be effective at the workplace. Take a look at one I just created.

5. Use Prank Dial to Prank Your Coworkers

This is fun to do and very enjoyable to observe the confusion your victim will have when listening to the call then attempting to respond. Simply pick a prank call to use, enter the number for it to dial, then enjoy. Another fun site to prank is Prank Dialer.

I hope you’ve found a prank you’ll try. There’s nothing like having a little fun and setting the mood with a good ole prank. Thank you for reading (assuming you made it this far) and a big thank you to Inge for giving me the opportunity to share my pranks with you.


  1. Brian Mongold said...
    Thanks again for the opportunity Inge. BTW, I plan to use prank dialer tomorrow on a guy I work with. :)
    Inge' said...
    Thank you for taking time to do this for me. These look really fun and I am sure I will be using some of them myself!
    Tracy said...
    I could see that blue screen really getting me going.
    Inge' said...
    Me to!!! I am not computer savvy and that would really pu me in a tailspin!
    Brian Mongold said...
    No problem Inge, anytime. I enjoy these. I tried not to make it too techy. :) Tracy, that prank would get me too, trust me. I used on my wife yesterday, it was fun!

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