Monday, February 22, 2010

I Need Tunnel Vision

Hubs is always telling me I have tunnel vision. He says I only see what is in front of me. I think that is because I just don't want to see all the junk around me. My job requires that I constantly watch people. I have learned over the years that, if given the chance, people are cheats. I have learned not to make a lot of eye contact because I have to watch your hands. I do take a look at your features and what you are wearing just in case.But, for the most part, I am not looking at you per se.

I am in line at the grocer's today. I hate the checkout stand. All that impulse buy stuff. Do I really have to have that movie theatre size Snickers? Those magazines! They are so outrageous. Not only in price but topics. "How to touch a man naked" "She left me for another woman" "My kid is psychic". The list goes on and on.

What I noticed today is that most of the bold topics are sexually oriented. Everyone knows that sex sells. From the racy outfits on the too young women, to the racy topics. I started thinking about today's young women and their reading material. I don't think that today's parent or young woman thinks about the implications of the magazines that they just "pick up". Society has filled their young minds with so much garbage that they are almost immune to just about anything. I find this very sad.

Children are no longer children. The family is a broken disfigured doll that is tossed to the bottom of the toy box. When did all this happen? Does anyone care enough to even try and fix it? I look at my own family. We are no different. Because of my own poor choices as a wife, mother, and adult, we have all suffered in some way or another.

But, young women seem to be more than lost. They are surrounded by sharks with no lifeboat in sight. I am not saying that young men have it any easier, they don't. They are encouraged to "sow their oats" and become men. But, is that really how to become a man?

There are 2 books in print that I encouraged every man or woman, young or old, to read. Read them yourself and then encourage your son/daughter to read them. If you do not have children, give them to a young person that touches you be they relative or not. Our children need mentors that are focused on what is truly good for them, not what will keep them out of jail.

The first book is by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. If you have never read or listened to her, she is a very good teacher on what God has to say about how women should behave. This particular book has a companion that is geared towards younger women also. When I first read this I was amazed at how distorted my own thinking was and how I had passed those same distortions on to my own daughter. "The Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free."

The second book is by Elisabeth Elliot. For those of you that are not familiar with her, there was a movie put out several years ago about her first husband, Jim Elliot. She wrote a book just for young men titled, "The Mark of a Man". While I do not have a copy of this particular book, rest assured that it will be my next book purchase.

I hope that you feel compelled to try and communicate with the young people that you love the importance of not only keeping their lives clean, but their minds and hearts as well.


  1. Anonymous said...
    A very truthful and insightful post . . . thank you for sharing :)
    Tracy said...
    I know what you mean about magazines.

    I'll have to check out "The Mark of a Man" for my sons.
    JennyMac said...
    Such great input..and the book recs sound great. We have a son so I am reading a book called "Raising Cain"
    but a friend of mine with 2 girls suggested "Saving Ophelia" for parents raising daughters. :)
    JD Curtis said...
    Thank your kind comment on Tracy's blog. I hope to be checking your blog out from now on.

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