Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Tax Man

For those of you that are unaware, when you are self employed, filing taxes is beyond confusing! Hubs and I had a paper route of our own for a number of years. Between 3 presidents and umpteen changes in the tax laws, it is a wonder we don't owe more than we do.

When hubs lost his job last year, they did agree to a temporary reduction in our monthly payments. This was for a year only. Well, hubs was let go at his part time job this week. Almost exactly 12 months later. Now the IRS is wanting double what our temporary agreement was.

After calling them and trying to explain the situation for over an hour to no avail, we are trying to do our own compromise agreement with them. If you go through one of these shysters that you see advertised everywhere, the fee for them to do the same paperwork is based on what you owe. The more you owe, the higher the fee is. They want their money up front plus you still have to pay the amount agreed upon. I know this only because I talked with someone at the IRS after I called one of these sharks.

The IRS charges 150.00 regardless of the amount owed. If they deny your offer, the amount is put towards what you owe. In our case, that is a drop in the bucket.

While the instructions are relatively clear for the IRS, and there is a minimal amount of forms to be filled out, the information they require from you is MASSIVE.

Hopefully I will have all of this together this weekend and can send in our first offer by Monday.

For those of my followers that are praying folks, please pray that our offer is accepted and that we do not have to resubmit several times. They do allow you to pay the amount settled upon over a 24 month period which would be great for us.

I am really worried about this because they could take what little we have left. If they decide to garnish my wages over this, we will truly lose everything. They have kept our refunds and any "stimulus" checks that Bush authorized.

I hate to burden all of you with my woes but, I am truly at my wits end.


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