Thursday, July 1, 2010

Good for the Soul

My grandson loves to visit with my grandmother. He is quite the little entertainer when he goes to see her. He dances and sings for her along with telling her what to do. She loves his visits.

I am glad that he enjoys going to see her. He is 8 now and has been with her for most of his life. He will have a lot of sweet memories to cherish later in life.

This past weekend he decorated her window for the 4th of July. He also took his ukulele with him and sang "Clementine" to her. However, he substituted her name in the lyrics. I think Granny gets a bigger kick out of his behavior and facial expressions than his actual singing.

For some reason unbeknown to me, my aunts/uncle would never let their children spend any amount of time with Granny. Consequently, they have no great affection for her. This is a very sad situation to me. My children are in their 20s and they will still lay in the bed with her just to feel her caress them. They often speak of the summers they spent with her when they were young. I wanted my children to love my Granny as much as I do and they have allowed mom and I to pass this along to our grandson.

When he climbs in her bed and puts his little head on her chest she is truly happy. Times like that are truly unforgettable to me and as my mom puts it, "Good for her soul."


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