Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fences Mended

I have had a pretty uneventful summer. I am very grateful for this. So much is always going on in my life that I welcome any break!

My mother on the other hand, has been busy as a bee:) We still don't know anything definite about her back. She is wearing a brace right now in the hopes that this will help. To be in pain day after day, is frustrating on many levels, some of which I can only imagine.

She and my sister have been seeing more of each other this summer also. This is a very good thing for both of them. I am not sure if they will ever talk about what happened between them, but, to be talking and visiting at all is a gift from God. My niece went to visit her today. Mom was very excited about their visit. I am hoping that "K" will develop her own relationship with mom and see some things for herself. She is a young woman now so she should be able to form her own opinions without too much outside influence.

My grandmother is doing quite well. She has had a very eventful summer also. My uncle came to visit her and although she did not recognize him, she did enjoy the visit. Mom goes to see her regularly and I try to go as much as possible. I want to go more often, but, it is harder for me to go see her these days. I just cry when I leave. Even though she is always happy to see me, I know that she is in her own prison and that I will never see the grandmother that I love so dearly again.

God continues to bless my family despite my own lack of faithfulness to Him. I find myself looking for nonsensical distractions so I don't have to face this fact about myself.

Please continue to pray for my mom and sister. Their relationship is so fragile right now. I am hoping that they continue to grow together and move forward in a way that will bring glory to God.


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